Wand Platform & Integrations

Integrations with the Wand Open SaaS-based Architecture

Based on an open SaaS-based architecture, Wand Vendor Management System (VMS) delivers extensive VMS integrations with various business application ecosystems. This delivers enhanced capabilities for the end-user VMS experience.

API Integrations

Wand SaaS based architecture allows for easy integration with your existing software applications to obtain or append Manager, Location, Department, HR, and Cost Center information. With our RESTful web services, we can deliver flat file, XML, and customer defined formats. Our Open API architecture works with most in-house or cloud-based platforms, big or small – providing a perfect, scalable, secure, and robust solution for all of your VMS integration needs. Learn more on how to integrate with RightSourcing API.

Platform Integration

ERP Integrations

The monolithic ERP suite that required immense IT resources to integrate and customize is morphing into a modular ecosystem consisting of multiple applications. Wand seamlessly integrates into this business application ecosystem to create enhanced user experiences. 

Capabilities provided by Wand include (not limited to):

sourcing, approval routing, on-boarding and off-boarding, payrolling and benefit management, billing, financial reporting, and tax and regulatory compliance.

Highly configurable and focused on specific user personas responsible for contingent workforce management, Wand VMS integrates with any number of ERP suites such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, Workday, SAP, among others. The ERP system serves as the system of record for certain data types such as organizational structure and reporting, purchase orders, and benefits. Front-end transactions in Wand such as billing, invoicing, and approvals are routed back to the ERP system, where information is stored. Learn more about RightSourcing’s ERP Integrations.

Other Wand VMS Integrations

Wand VMS integrations extend beyond ERP systems to encompass various other systems. Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) and IT Service Support Management (ITSSM) systems are two that are important to note. In the case of PPM, project plans and details are maintained in the PPM system, while the VMS integrations are used for budget management and workforce management. For ITSSM, the Wand VMS integrations enable worker on-boarding and off-boarding and the ITSSM serves as the system of record. Learn more about Third Party Integrations.