RightSourcing’s PeopleTicker: On-Demand Hiring Intelligence

Data and analytics have become a way of life. Whether it is our use of the internet, how we drive, or how we like to shop, data and patterns are monitored and tracked. Shouldn’t you have the same insights into your labor rates?

With RightSourcing’s PeopleTicker proprietary rate intelligence platform, Procurement, HR, IT, Finance and Clinical Leadership have access to intelligent insights that not only present market rate benchmarking, but also provides direct access to information that drives prescriptive behavior to efficiently manage the costs of internal and external talent.

If you are deploying traditional temporary staff augmentation, statement-of-work (SOW) or independent contractors, we provide the rate benchmarking for a variety of employment types.

Behind PeopleTicker’s compensation results, lives and breathes an organization of data professionals dedicated to helping organizations prosper and expand by making the most informed pricing and hiring decisions possible.

Nobody else is committed to collecting, parsing, and delivering compensation data to you like PeopleTicker. We have made it our mission to help organizations right price talent, reduce labor spend, and retain your workforce.

See how our best-in-class technology can optimize your contingent workforce program.

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Total Workforce Visibility

While many compensation software companies focus on the salary or Full-time Equivalent (FTE) population, very few address the specialization and nuances of sourcing non-employee labor. Our data sets are presented for both FTE and non-employee engagements.

With RightSourcing’s PeopleTicker, compensation experts delve deep into interpreting market rates by leveraging a rich data repository. On-demand access to market rate intelligence empowers organizations to optimize costs and make more-informed hiring decisions.

Our system-wide expertise provides tremendous results to our client partners. RightSourcing’s PeopleTicker has unparalleled expertise and support for all engagement models within healthcare, including:

  • Staff augmentation
  • Travelers
  • Direct sourcing
  • 1099/Independent contractors
  • SOW
  • Per diem
  • Locum tenens


Real-Time Rate Benchmarking

The historical model for collecting compensation data has come by way of survey collection. Our approach has broken-the-mold in that we have built a proprietary model leveraging machine learning and auto-collection to assemble our data models. These models are then approved through an expert validation process by our Skills Village community.


Cost Management

Managing a non-employee workforce has many challenges. In addition to the elements of supply-and-demand, complexities exist with the landscape of suppliers. With each supplier maintaining its own cost structure, the need for price standardization and margin management are critical to achieving price competitiveness. Our worksheets and cost management tools provide the answers needed to for proactive pricing negotiations.

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