[Video] Vendor Neutrality: The RightSourcing Difference

A Purely Vendor-Neutral MSP/VMS Offering

RightSourcing pioneered vendor-neutral managed services and continues to innovate healthcare workforce solutions that positively impact patient care.


We can provide the operational efficiency, balance and oversight to achieve program goals. What you can expect with RightSourcing:

  • Higher Quality Candidates: Because we’re not a staffing company, nor are we affiliated with a staffing company, we don’t compete with your existing suppliers.
  • Increased Cost Savings: Our only role in staffing support is in providing third-party payroll services, where RightSourcing is the employer of record for client-identified staff, which results in significant cost savings.
  • Vendor Fairness: As a vendor-neutral MSP, RightSourcing gives all qualified, contracted suppliers an equal opportunity to fulfill openings.

For more information on how your healthcare system would benefit from RightSourcing’s holistic workforce visibility expertise,  request a free workforce analysis or contact us: