One of the nation’s largest hospital companies saves $4.7 million and reduces turnover 44% with RightSourcing vendor management services

Healthcare systems have been experiencing higher than normal turnover rates across the country. The largest hospital systems are not immune to this trend.  Vendor management has become critical to managing healthcare staffing.  RightSourcing reduced staff turnover by 44 percent, saving one of the nation’s largest hospital companies more than $4.7 million. RightSourcing manages more than 1,800 contingent workers at 27 acute care hospitals across the U.S. for the company.

To meet registry staffing needs, RightSourcing created a regional float pool between four company facilities in Southern California.

RightSourcing provides full MSP/VMS services including clinical and non-clinical spend management. Last year, RightSourcing added SOW/Project spend management and translation services, generating additional risk mitigation, efficiencies and cost savings.

To reduce your health system’s turnover and gain significant cost savings, contact RightSourcing today for a free workforce analysis.