On-Demand Hiring Intelligence

Gain instant access to the world’s largest global market rate data repository and make informed hiring decisions for all your contingent positions worldwide.

Historically, a lack of market intelligence has prevented organizations from fully optimizing hiring decisions, resulting in significant unnecessary spend through paying higher market rates by role and/or location. RightSourcing’s RatePoint platform changes this paradigm by providing on-demand rate and hiring intelligence for ANY contingent position globally.

Hiring, Meet Intelligence

RatePoint enables organizations to achieve a deep understanding of market rates based on a number of criteria, leveraging the industry’s largest data repository. This on-demand access dramatically increases market intelligence, empowering users to make more informed hiring decisions and optimizing the cost and location of resources globally.

Global Market Rate Information at Your Fingertips

With RatePoint, users can accurately price contingent labor for all their positions globally. Furthermore, they can see how labor costs vary in different global markets. By expanding candidate searches to new locations, organizations can often increase cost savings, diversity and their pools for niche skills.

Illuminating Rate Data

In addition to location, RatePoint allows organizations to see how a wide variety of criteria impacts rates, including skill sets, rate types, engagement types, job levels and more. Users can even compare the rates their organization is paying for a position to the broader marketplace.

The World’s Largest Market Rate Database, Period

Most rate solutions pull from limited data sets. In contrast, the foundation of RatePoint is the industry’s biggest data repository. To achieve the highest data quality, RatePoint pulls from multiple sources, including its vast database of anonymous client data, external public sources and trusted third-party partner sources.

Rate Intelligence, On Demand

Delivering a rich user experience, RatePoint serves up its intelligence in easily digestible fashion. Side by-side comparisons and fully configurable charts bring the findings to vivid life, guiding viewers to new insights. Furthermore, users can change data filters and see the impact in real time.

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