Introduction to DirectSource RS

Manage all aspects of direct sourcing for contingent labor

DirectSource RS is the most sophisticated one-stop platform to effectively manage all aspects of direct sourcing for contingent labor. To effectively implement an enterprise direct sourcing solution for contingent labor, it is critical that various technology and service components are not only present, but that they are seamlessly integrated as well.

Disparate point solutions from multiple vendors can cause incomplete, fractured and inefficient workflows that fail to deliver on the many benefits of an optimized direct sourcing program. DirectSource RS, however, offers a “onestop,” integrated full-lifecycle platform that delivers all the critical technology and services required to realize direct sourcing success.

AI/ML-Powered SaaS Technology

If you are deploying traditional temporary staff augmentation, statement-of-work (SOW) or independent contractors, we provide the rate benchmarking for a variety of employment types.

Direct Sourcing Curation Services

The curation of your private talent pool is foundational to creating success within direct sourcing. DirectSource RS’s curation services help to leverage your brand, establish, grow and otherwise manage your direct sourced talent pool to ensure the realization of optimal results.

Data and Global Rate Intelligence

DirectSource RS is backed by the world’s largest contingent workforce data set of global market rate data. This empowers managers with accurate rate intelligence, ensuring they pay the right amount for resources engaged anywhere in the world through DirectSource RS.

Program Management and Analytics

To ensure that the program is running efficiently and effectively within the organization, DirectSource RS’s Program Management and Analytics solution provides the critical visibility necessary to ensure all aspects of the program are running optimally.

Payroll and Compliance Solution

RightSourcing has been providing enterprise payrolling services for more than two decades, and offers an extremely comprehensive worker benefit package, worker compliance services, timecard and expense management, and more.

See how our best-in-class technology can optimize your contingent workforce program.

RightSourcing will manage these services for workers engaged through the DirectSource RS platform with this robust payroll solution.

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