Non-clinical staffing services

Because RightSourcing is a vendor-neutral MSP, all qualified staffing suppliers have an equal opportunity on a level playing field, ensuring high levels of satisfaction for your hiring managers and suppliers like. We work with over 2,000 staffing suppliers, including IT, clinical, and non-clinical staffing suppliers. We treat our suppliers as partners, never competing with them for placements.

RightSourcing provides complete workforce solutions, including non-clinical staffing services for healthcare organizations, across all departments.  This can include professional and support positions, including:

  •   Executives
  •   Administrative
  •   Accounting/Finance
  •   Interpreters
  •   Environmental Services

Our relationships with over 2,000 non-clinical staffing suppliers across the nation ensures that healthcare clients will receive access to the very best potential candidates. The diverse amount of suppliers we partner with provides you with the largest talent pool of quality non-clinical candidates.

Our program management teams focus on providing you with the best customer service throughout the requisition process.  We proactively manage the process to present you with your next great hire. This significantly enhances your ability to concentrate on patient care instead of paperwork.

To learn more about how RightSourcing’s non-clinical staffing services can help your organization, contact us for a free workforce analysis.