Our valued staffing partners are key to our success

Our staffing solutions partners are vital to the success of every workforce contingent program and are essential in helping our healthcare clients provide the best care for their patients. We value our staffing solutions partners and are proud of the fact that they consistently tell us they appreciate our program’s fairness because it gives them an opportunity to expand their offerings to new divisions and clients. RightSourcing is not a healthcare staffing company, so we don’t compete for placements. Instead, we have a national network of participating suppliers to fill clinical and non-clinical positions, across all departments – with the industry’s best supplier adoption rate of 98-100%.


Vendor neutrality provides staffing solutions partners the opportunity to expand their national footprint

Our commitment to vendor neutrality offers healthcare staffing solutions suppliers tangible benefits. Because RightSourcing is a true vendor-neutral MSP, all staffing suppliers have an equal opportunity on a level playing field. Staffing solutions partners who recruit the quality candidates can demonstrate added value. Our healthcare clients appreciate being able to continue to work with their trusted staffing solutions suppliers in a more efficient manner.

Recognizing excellence: National Supplier Awards

Each year, RightSourcing selects staffing partners who consistently deliver the highest quality of excellence, meeting the talent and project requirements of RightSourcing’s rapidly expanding customer base. The winning contingent-workforce partners are selected from a field of more than a thousand companies that serve RightSourcing’s healthcare clients. The recipients are chosen based on their customer service rankings that are reflected in RightSourcing’s proprietary Supplier Scorecard.

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Staffing Solutions for Healthcare

Additional benefits for staffing solutions partners

RightSourcing is vested in your success. We save you time and money by eliminating the need to continuously reach out to hiring managers to sell candidates and by providing operational efficiencies. We typically seek to maintain an organization’s existing supplier network and have had nearly 100% supplier participation.

  •  Single point of contact for timely feedback, clear position descriptions, credentialing support and increased efficiency.
  •  Fast, accurate payments and enhanced reporting.
  •  Supplier development feedback and reporting tools, supplier feedback forums for discussion, along with client and market analysis.

As part of our commitment to true partnership, RightSourcing continually solicits feedback from our staffing solutions partners. This open collaboration often generates new ideas and opportunities, as well as improved efficiencies all around.

We look forward to working with you as one of our staffing solutions partners!