Revamp Your Contingent Workforce Management for 2017

In 2016, more health systems used contingent labor than ever before.  Approximately 83% of hospitals reported having contingent workforce programs, an increase of 41% from 2015.  In 2017, this shows no sign of slowing.  As health systems continue to struggle with low reimbursements, changing regulations, and shifting care based models, contingent workforce management will become a challenge.  The solution will be to partner with a managed service provider partner to revamp contingent workforce management in 2017.

How Can a Managed Service Provider Improve Contingent Workforce Management in 2017

With the assistance of a managed service provider, health systems will gain new ways of thinking, best practices honed over hundreds of other health system locations, and dedicated experts who are recognized leaders in contingent workforce management.  Consider the following benefits your health system will gain:

  • Innovation and efficiency. When a health system partners with a managed service provider to provide contingent workforce management, they can gain innovation and efficiency that was not present in the program previously.  Dedicated Program Management Team members are able to implement new systems and processes which reduce waste, reduce costly errors, and drive the program forward, empowering a health system’s program to grow strategically.  Using a synthesis of people, technology, and processes, a managed service provider can inject new life into contingent workforce management.
  • A dedicated partner to champion health system goals. A managed service provider partner is really a champion for your health system’s goals.  When these experts take on contingent workforce management for a health system, they implement changes to support health system goals, not changes made for the sake of change. As champions for your health system’s goals, stakeholders will gain visibility into how systems and processes affect these goals, allowing for realignment.
  • Exemplary service and delivery. As a partner to the health system, a managed service provider can provide a dedicated Program Management Team to ensure contingent workforce management is exemplary.  When this partner is also onsite, like RightSourcing, a health system gains a team that is focused on providing exemplary service and delivery, making themselves available to all team members to fill open requisitions and manage the strategic direction of the program.
  • Strategic analytics that inform business decisions. When a health system partners with a managed service provider for contingent workforce management, they gain superior strategic analytics to provide quantitative data that informs business decisions. This data includes both small and big data which increases visibility into the operations of the program and connects it to the bigger picture such as systemic changes.

In 2017, consider partnering with a managed service provider to outsource your contingent workforce management.  Contact RightSourcing, leading healthcare-focused managed service provider, to find out what benefits you can gain from outsourcing your contingent workforce management.  Start the process with a free workforce analysis.

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