[Regulatory Update] RightSourcing’s 2019 Regulatory Update, 1st Edition

At RightSourcing, our team of experts in Legal, HR, Contractor Compliance Services, Immigration and Client Payroll Operations have shared their first edition Quarterly Regulatory Update Newsletter. Within this issue, RightSourcing’s knowledge and expertise regarding current regulatory topics are provided in full detail.

Our team of professionals covers a number of topics from Independent Contractor Compliance (ICC) to Employment Law, Immigration and Payroll. This issue discusses the following events and many more:

  • California’s Dynamex Case — legislators signaled that the fallout over the California Supreme Court’s decision last year in Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Superior Court (Dynamex) will continue to be a prominent policy issue in California in the coming months.
  • Arizona Signs Memorandum of Understanding with United States Department of Labor
  • California Expands Protections Against Workplace Harassment
  • California Releases Updated Pay Statement Requirements
  • New York Scheduling, On-Call, & Call-In Rules Amendment Proposal

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