Partner with a Healthcare MSP to Solve the Nursing Shortage

Over the past 2 years, America’s health systems have been experiencing a nursing shortage.  Dire predictions from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in a 2014 report cited a looming 1.2 million nursing openings between 2014 and 2022 due to Baby Boomer retirement.  This nursing shortage poses a large problem as the bulk of America’s healthcare workers are its 3 million nurses.  In response, health systems have sought to overcome the nursing shortage with their own internal efforts- with mixed results.  Isn’t it time your health system sought the expertise of a healthcare MSP to solve this nursing shortage?

A Healthcare MSP– Your Secret Weapon in the War for Talent

Healthcare MSP partners are becoming very popular among health systems.  Experts in healthcare workforce solutions, they can provide a range of services to solve the nursing shortage at your health facility, ensuring your health system’s ability to provide superior patient care.  Consider the following ways a healthcare MSP partner can assist your health system in solving the nursing shortage:

  • A healthcare MSP maintains a vast network of nursing supplier relationships. During a nursing shortage, many health systems seek to use healthcare contingent workers.  Our data from Q1 2015 to Q1 2016 suggests health systems have increased their use of healthcare contingent workers by 34%.  But many health systems are relying solely on the use of a handful of tiered suppliers.  By partnering with a healthcare MSP, health systems can gain access to a network of national suppliers, including diversity suppliers.  These strategic relationships benefit health systems by providing access to more nurses, including specialty nurses and travelling nurses to ensure the very best fill rates.
  • The experts in a healthcare MSP can create an exclusive talent pool. Many health systems seek to use contingent labor, but they want to ensure exclusivity.  This is where the experts in a healthcare MSP can shine- by creating an exclusive talent pool.  Leveraging strategic relationships, the health system’s brand, and sourcing expertise, a healthcare MSP can create an exclusive talent pool from which health systems may find more talented nurses.
  • A healthcare MSP can reduce existing nursing turnover. The International Journal of Nursing Studies has cited nursing turnover rates vary between 34.7 to 42.6%, an alarming statistic.  This high turnover can encompass a variety of reasons- from retirement to being fired, seeking work elsewhere, or even going back to school to learn a new profession.  A healthcare MSP is skilled in addressing nursing turnover and can work to understand what the turnover rates in a health system represent.  They use this knowledge to offer sound advice to reduce nursing turnover that aligns with the health system’s goals.
  • A healthcare MSP can reduce time to hire. Some health systems suffer from an extraordinarily long time to hire, reducing their access to the best candidates.  A healthcare MSP partner can reduce this time to hire in a number of ways.  This can include centralization of the hiring process, implementing VMS technology, implementing contract to hire programs, and more. By reducing time to hire, health systems can gain access to the more highly skilled nursing candidates, shrinking their perceived nursing shortage.

As patient demand continues to grow, it will be our nation’s nurses who will shoulder much of the burden of patient care.  In order to ensure the best patient care, health systems need to address the nursing shortage with sound healthcare workforce solutions.  This is why a healthcare MSP partner is so important.  RightSourcing is the nation’s recognized leading healthcare MSP, offering comprehensive healthcare workforce solutions that positively impact patient care. To find out how RightSourcing can benefit your health system, take a free workforce analysis and contact the experts at RightSourcing today.

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