White Paper: Optimizing Contingent Labor with a Vendor Neutral MSP Partner

Are you struggling to implement meaningful healthcare workforce solutions? Do you address shortages in nursing, IT, and other clinical and nonclinical roles with contingent labor? If this sounds like your healthcare facility, you may be in need of some expert advice on how to optimize your program.  Find out how a vendor neutral MSP can ensure your contingent labor program runs smoothly and efficiently.

Trusted Advice from the Leading Vendor Neutral MSP

Our experts are leaders in the field of contingent workforce management.  With over 15 years of experience, RightSourcing is the trusted and safe choice to manage your contingent labor program. Operating at over 250 healthcare facilities, RightSourcing knows how to save you money and time while ensuring your contingent labor program aligns with organizational goals.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • the challenges healthcare organizations face today
  • what a healthy contingent labor program should include to address these challenges
  • how a vendor neutral MSP can solve those challenges for you
  • MSP partnership capabilities and key takeaways

Don’t be surprised by rogue spend, program misalignment, or compliance errors in your contingent labor program.  Instead, take proactive steps towards a healthy contingent labor program. When you’re done reading, take our free workforce analysis and contact the industry leaders in healthcare contingent workforce management. Find out how much money and time your health system can save with a vendor neutral MSP partner.

Find out how to optimize your contingent labor program