Partnership with Eightfold AI Brings Diversity & Inclusion to Healthcare Workforce Management

Jan 26, 2021 [news]


We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Eightfold AI, a talent intelligence pioneer and leader. Under the terms of the partnership, we’ll embed Eightfold’s AI technology into our contingent workforce management platform, including SaaS solutions such as Wand Vendor Management System (VMS), Direct Sourcing, and Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) offerings, to optimize our client’s contingent hiring practices.

Eightfold’s AI-driven talent intelligence, coupled with our 20+ years of data and technology, will further increase the power of our contingent workforce management platform. It will enable healthcare organizations to more effectively and intelligently identify, engage and secure the best contingent talent in the world, while attaining diversity goals.

As the economy rebounds, organizations will be hiring contingent workers ahead of the recovery while prioritizing areas within hiring, such as retention and D&I initiatives. However, many organizations lack the ability to harness machine-based learning, data and intelligence to not only source the best candidates, but also to drive their businesses forward. Eightfold AI’s talent intelligence and our contingent workforce management platform aim to solve this problem.

We’ll embed Eightfold’s AI technology into our software to provide clients with features that enable more informed hiring, diversity and redeployment of workers. This real-time matching and ranking of candidates drives faster, smarter hiring decisions at scale. This helps healthcare organizations secure the best talent, while reducing costs and increasing D&I.

Managers eager to reduce manual tasks and increase efficiency will be able to more quickly and effectively identify candidates that align with a job’s requirements. Leading-edge job calibration capabilities and intuitive UI design offer these managers an easy, at-a-glance way to compare candidates side-by-side based on unbiased empirical data.

Using Eightfold AI’s technology, we’ll also offer enhanced direct sourcing to our clients. 

"We are excited to partner with a company that uses industry-leading AI technology to truly understand a candidate’s skill set or D&I attributes while generating recommendations to help inform hiring decisions. This is truly a game changer for our space. Partnering exclusively in the contingent industry with this innovative talent intelligence company is something we are incredibly excited about." -- Kevin Akeroyd, CEO, RightSourcing

RightSourcing's embedding of Eightfold AI’s technology will roll out throughout 2021, driving continuous improvement and value creation.

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