MSP Overview

Purely Vendor-Neutral

Our vendor-neutral managed service provider (MSP) approach leverages a nationwide network of clinical, information technology and business/professional staffing partners to provide the broadest access to talent at competitive market rates.

We are NOT a staffing company. We are not owned by, or affiliated with, a staffing company. We are PURELY vendor-neutral. Many staffing-led MSPs will position that they are ‘vendor-neutral’ when, in fact, they are ultimately owned by a staffing agency. Staffing-led/affiliated MSPs can restrict access to the labor market to align with their own interests by placing and keeping their own workers on billable engagements and maximizing margins. 

According to Staffing Industry Analyst’s Largest Healthcare Staffing Firms 2020 Report, only one travel nurse agency has more than 9% market share. By selecting a staffing-led MSP model, a large employer/healthcare system could be severely limiting their access to the travel nurse labor market.  RightSourcing has 99% vendor adoption rate which means you gain access to the entire labor market. 

A purely vendor-neutral MSP can also be a powerful ally in healthcare compliance.  RightSourcing’s program management teams work closely to gather and validate compliance documentation and track credentials.  These efforts significantly reduce the risks associated with engaging contingent labor – risks that are increased when self-regulated by staffing agencies.

As a professional services and technology company, RightSourcing delivers value though services and software helping healthcare organizations engage and manage the non-employee workforce, improve talent quality, procure the best services, save money and manage risk and compliance. Bundling RightSourcing’s MSP experience in healthcare staffing with our industry-leading Wand VMS technology and actionable analytics makes RightSourcing fully accountable for the entire scope of an organization’s non-employee workforce. An integrated platform is more cost-effective, more agile and maximizes efficiency to ensure the success of the program.

Dedicated, On-site Delivery Team

RightSourcing creates the most effective and value-driven contingent workforce management programs for our clients. This is a significant differentiator for healthcare organizations, as very few organizations in the industry invest to the level we do in overall contingent workforce management service delivery. RightSourcing’s ongoing dedicated support and customized services are designed to align with the cultural and business goals of each client. With our efficient end-to-end processes for the procurement and management of contingent workers, we provide a single point of contact and a dedicated program team to support roles across the enterprise.

RightSourcing also provides our on-site teams additional client support from our dedicated, Center of Excellence. This highly efficient team for best practices resources serves as a knowledge bank supporting clients by tracking key performance indicators such as time to fill while managing worker quality surveys, compliance audits and much more.

Consultative Business Partner 

RightSourcing delivers thought leadership above and beyond traditional managed service providers. Our trusted team of experts and proven innovative solutions empower clients to acquire the industry’s top talent, capture cost savings, realize improved efficiency and increase transparency through proprietary data analytics.Our real-world healthcare experience coupled with real-time metrics give you market-leading insights and the latest best practices in risk mitigation -- based on changes in legislation, court cases, tax laws, FLSA/1099 classification and new initiatives. We scale our teams to exceed service delivery at each client location by supporting the team with several areas of expertise:

Supplier Management

Each of RightSourcing's programs have custom-tailored talent supply pools. RightSourcing currently has partnerships with more than 2,600 staffing suppliers and consulting agencies, including large national firms, regional, local, MWBE and niche, as well as support for all labor categories within healthcare. This includes clinical, allied and non-clinical roles. Suppliers prefer RightSourcing programs due to:

  • Speed of execution: RightSourcing’s VMS includes Wand Mobile, the only comprehensive mobile application in the industry. This allows hiring managers to receive new candidate notifications on their phone. Managers can review the candidate’s resume, schedule an interview and interact with suppliers all from their smartphone or tablet. In the war for talent, speed to review/interview is one of, if not the top consideration to a supplier when deciding where to send their top talent.
  • Equal opportunity: All suppliers within a program can access every requisition and expand across a health system. We align with healthcare organization’s goals, including initiatives surrounding supplier diversity utilization and spend. 
  • Performance optimization: We provide supplier feedback via scorecard and peer ranking, allowing for resources to focus on client deliverables instead of back office operations providing clarity around client expectations and opportunities for improvement.
  • Collaborative partnership: As a purely vendor neutral MSP, we do not compete with suppliers, instead we work with them to drive candidates by providing insight and guidance on client expectations for delivery excellence.

Support for All Labor Categories

Through proven processes, people and technology, RightSourcing’s capabilities extend to “whole-house” management expertise. And while we deliver maximum savings, we also are keenly aware that delivering quality patient care is critical to the clients we serve.  

Each of RightSourcing's programs have custom-tailored talent supply pools. RightSourcing currently has partnerships with more than 2,600 staffing suppliers and consulting agencies, including large national firms, regional, local, MWBE and niche, as well as support for all labor categories within healthcare:

  • Clinical
  • Allied
  • Locums Tenens
  • IT/Business Professional
  • Administrative
  • Other Non-clinical

Recently, we have seen healthcare organizations facing tougher challenges than ever before. Our system-wide expertise and value-added services provide tremendous results to our client partners. Many are seeking savings, risk reduction and the ability to leverage our efficient processes. RightSourcing has unparalleled expertise and success in managing both clinical and non-clinical suppliers for some of the largest healthcare systems nationwide. We leverage our intellectual capital which includes global reach and best practices from our sister organization, PRO Unlimited.

RightSourcing is the trusted choice by suppliers and clients to better manage contingent workers and the risk associated with contract staff. With our depth of experience, we are able to centralize and streamline even the largest and most complex healthcare systems’ workforces in order to achieve visibility into all labor spend.

Healthcare organizations are able to leverage the full breadth of talent and sourcing options available in the marketplace, due to RightSourcing's purely vendor-neutral supplier management approach.

MSP Overview 2

Support for all Non-Employee Engagment Models

Today’s contingent workers make up over 40% of the entire workforce. In fact, many organizations viewed as being on the leading-edge of their industries are sourcing more than 50% of their workforce in non-permanent roles to leverage the flexibility, specialization and cost advantages. 

As the contingent workforce grows as a portion of any organization’s overall workforce, it is imperative to utilize multiple methods for engaging this talent. RightSourcing provides our clients with the consultative expertise to negotiate and structure the optimal engagement model to maximize the return on their investment in contingent labor.  Typical engagement models might include:

Staff Augmentation: Clients need to supplement your own internal staff for a peak period or with specialized skills

Direct (Self)-Sourcing: Clients can opt to use self-sourced talent pool powered by Wand's Talent Network technology and managed by the RightSourcing team for private talent pools. These private talent pools include “known” workers such as former employees, retirees, "silver medalists," volunteers and interns, among others.

1099/Independent Contractors: Independent contractors are usually engaged for unique subject matter expertise.  They may work on-site or remotely, and engagements are usually based around a specific deliverable for a defined project.

Statement of Work (SOW): With significant labor costs and risk attached to them, growing numbers of organizations are embedding substantial portions of their SOW projects within their contingent workforce management programs. RightSourcing has a breadth of experience working with a long list of large healthcare clients to integrate their SOW projects and spend into contingent workforce management programs.

Per Diem: Our team has unmatched management expertise of clinical staffing resources, which includes per diem.

Locum Tenens: Many healthcare organizations are not aware that a purely vendor-neutral MSP program, such as RightSourcing, can be expanded to include Locum Tenens procurement management. Partnering with a vendor-neutral Locum Tenens program allows for competitive bidding that is absent when only working with a primary source vendor. The single-vendor model often has talent limitations for specialist skillsets and leads to higher bill rates, higher fees and longer time to fill.