Life Sciences

Leverage an Integrated Workforce Platform for Clinical Research and Trials

RightSourcing helps organizations increase cost savings, improve talent quality, mitigate risk and drive effectiveness within their clinical research and trial initiatives through:

  • Transparency & Visibility – Gain a fresh perspective on process management
  • Quick, Cost-Effective Hiring – Ability to assess business needs on an ongoing basis
  • Increased Flexibility – Fill skill gaps, ramp to scale and trial new positions or staff members

Clinical research is becoming more and more complex due to many factors, including increased regulations, competition for patients and cost of conducting clinical trials. As a result, this leads many organizations to outsource much, if not all, of the trial oversight.

The industry needs to be prepared to adjust to the demands of finding qualified vendors and ensuring that these vendors can align with global regulations, generate quality data, scale with demand and contribute to a successful trial. 

RightSourcing has invested in developing a rigorous vendor qualification and oversight program which enables Sponsors to gain increased value through their vendors throughout the existing contract lifecycle. RightSourcing understands the main goals for any clinical program is quality, costs and time optimization to meet the company business objectives while being nimble to the needs of the medical community.

Common Challenges

  • Fragmented Management /Poor Communication 
  • Lack of Streamlined Processes
  • Increased Complexity of Employment Contracts
  • Disparate Recruiting & Screening
  • Patient Recruitment & Retainment
  • Data Collection & Reporting
  • Lack of Spend Visibility
  • Increased Financial Demands

RightSourcing’s clinical research and trials expertise helps combat the fragmented workforce by establishing client-specific talent pools, providing market rate intelligence and eliminates worker classification issues with independent contractor qualification and professional payrolling services.

When it comes to a lack of standardization and consistency in vendor management, RightSourcing’s vendor-neutral model provides concierge-level support to 2,600+ prescreened vendor partners to allow rapid response to changing demands.
Through standardized and transparent RFP processes, RightSourcing becomes a single point of contact for contract standards and ensures competitive bidding. Advanced supplier scorecarding optimizes vendor engagement and performance. By tracking and managing SOW spend, savings of 10-15% can be realized.

RightSourcing’s vast vendor network gives clients the ability to respond to all staffing needs, not just clinical. And by having prescreened vendor partners, RightSourcing can target suppliers by specialty and scale appropriately. This proactive approach to workforce management enhances patient engagement and minimizes turnover that disrupts the patient experience.

A Proactive Approach to CRO Management

Supplier enrollment is time consuming, so planning ahead is important. Identifying CRO suppliers to put master agreements in place will decrease time-to-fill.

What does this mean for research? When the operational team identifies a need, they can create a request to distribute an opportunity to suppliers without having to work with contracting teams. And by working with an MSP, the operational team does not have to spend time negotiating the costs of services.