Credential Tracking Services

RightSourcing provides Credential Tracking Services (CTS) as a part of our overall MSP service offering to track, maintain and report on all compliance documentation for non-employee workers. We can also provide our compliance expertise as a point solution.

Credential Tracking Services apply RightSourcing’s process management solutions and technology across every population of worker, regardless of location, billing arrangements, contractual particulars or tasks performed. Populations can be tracked and reported on via RightSourcing’s Wand VMS technology.

As a Joint Commission Certified organization, RightSourcing takes great pride in our credentialing and compliance processes. Our compliance team will audit completed compliance files within 24 hours of submission and notify the supplier if there are any missing, invalid or expired documents. With a few clicks in Wand VMS, users will have instant access (based on permissions) to a worker’s complete credentialing folder. We have a 100% track record over the past 20 years for all audits.

Credential Tracking Services

What can Credential Tracking Services Mean for Your Organization?

  • Reduced risk for non-compliant staff/contractors
  • Decreased burden to internal staff 
  • Consolidate all file maintenance to a single repository
  • Standardized and automated reporting to managers or appropriate designees with all expiring credentials
  • Paperless tracking
  • Secured web-based tool for controlled and dependable access to all documents