Actionable Business Analytics

NorthStar Human Capital Management (HCM) delivers unparalleled subject matter expertise, best practices and data insights to optimize your contingent workforce program.

Our rigorous strategic analytics and robust reporting include:

Holistic Evaluation of Contingent Workforce Spend and Practices – Understand how contingent labor is being used and align program goals with organizational initiatives

Cost Containment and Process Evaluation – Recommend, implement, and report on cost savings initiatives that are aligned with finance/procurement definitions, including cross-client/industry benchmarks

Market Intelligence and Rate Guidance – Uncovering factors that impact talent engagement and retention, as well as, monitoring of state and federal legislative updates, local competitors, market rate trends and more

Key Performance Metrics and Analysis – Providing relevant, reliable, and actionable strategic analytics to better understand key business drivers and make informed business decisions impacting patient care

Evaluation of Supplier Performance and Recommendations – Advanced scorecarding practices designed to optimize supplier engagement and program performance

Advisory Services – RightSourcing provides a consultative approach to human capital management that facilitates actionable insights across all employee types and enhances health systems’ ability to manage their contingent workforce

"Example of the Wand Analytics Screen"

Cross Client Strategic Analytics and Market Intelligence

With RightSourcing’s actionable analytics, our clients are changing how they interpret contingent labor data to drive tangible results that were previously difficult, if not impossible to attain. 

Wand Discovery gives power users the ability to get from programmatic data to the transactional data quickly.The

dashboards are interactive, which allows you to instantly and dynamically change the visualizations and analyze trends over time, including, but not limited to:

  • Redeployment Utilization — Wand Discovery dashboard created to help match open positions with active workers rolling off assignments
  • FTE Float Pools — Get full visibility to multiple workforce pools and quickly identify where any worker is located and determine availability status
  • Overtime Analysis 
  • Seasonal Forecasting (Winter Needs)

Customized Reporting

RightSourcing provides customized reporting and analytics to drive operational excellence. NorthStar HCM shares insightful, predictive analytics, indicators, and recommendations with client stakeholders. RightSourcing’s team provides trend analysis, supply and demand by geography and comparative analysis on peer facility benchmarking. 

Our philosophy on reporting is to identify the “why” behind the numbers. We will identify which metrics are important, and why they matter. We look for lessons that can be learned and how can we predict future needs in advance so that our clients are prepared for changes in census, headcount requirements and training.



With RightSourcing's NorthStar HCM, clients receive:

  • Strategic Program Assessments
  • Comprehensive Business Reviews
  • Market Rate Module
  • Wand Discovery Dashboards
  • Supplier Scorecards
  • Surveys (managers, workers, suppliers)
  • Innovative Workforce Solutions and Management Reporting