VMS: RightSourcing is software agnostic

RightSourcing has partnerships with several industry-leading VMS software providers to offer you the best technology platform for your program. We have experience in finding the right solutions with standard third-party VMS software, such as PeopleFluent, Fieldglass and WAND. These can provide critical insight into program spend, forecasting of contingent workers, and transparency into compliance efforts.


As a vendor-neutral MSP, RightSourcing offers several VMS choices.

VMS technology has become a standard in managing contingent workers, tracking program spend, and enhancing compliance.  Whichever VMS technology system is used, our onsite team supports the screening and selection process with hands-on customer service, working with your team to determine the system setup, reporting, support, and other items to be included in standard operating procedures. Our teams possess years of experience in implementing customized solutions for healthcare clients, pairing our support teams with technology offerings. We’ll work closely with your management team to implement a system that meets your program goals and train users to use the system.

RightSourcing partners VMS technology with onsite program management teams.  These teams offer healthcare clients a higher level of customer service and engagement than technology alone can provide. RightSourcing is committed to providing the very best contingent workforce management with a high touch approach to customer service.

RightSourcing provides extensive reporting capabilities, full data transfers and integrations. Our VMS tools have hundreds of standard reports available and there is no additional charge to develop custom reports. RightSourcing can also offer enhanced reporting using our Strategy, Analytics, and Metrics team, who can develop customized reporting, market intelligence,and more. The synthesis of technology and our program teams provides a powerful solution for health systems looking to increase visibility, reduce spend, and more.

When health systems look for more than just the numbers, they turn to RightSourcing.  Using a consultative approach, a commitment to customer service, and strategic analysis, RightSourcing can centralize contingent workforce management into one simple solution.

Contact RightSourcing for a free workforce analysis and find out how to centralize your contingent workforce management into one easy solution- the powerful combination of VMS technology supported by experts in healthcare workforce management.