RightSourcing’s vendor-neutral MSP benefits clients and suppliers

The quality of patient care depends on the quality of your people. When your MSP is also a primary staffing company, your hiring managers may never see the best-qualified talent for a given position because priority is given to their candidates. Or you may pay higher than market rates for less qualified candidates.

Contingent workforce quality is best improved with an independent, third party managing compliance and other metrics, and a more competitive bidding process definitely works to your advantage.

Higher quality candidates. Because we’re not a staffing company, nor are we affiliated with a staffing company, we don’t compete with your existing suppliers. This ensures higher program adoption by suppliers and your hiring managers alike.

Cost savings. Our only role in staffing support is in providing third-party payroll services, where RightSourcing is the employer of record for client-identified staff, which results in significant cost savings. Payroll services are billed at significantly lower rates (typically 15-25% less) in comparison to a candidate referred by a supplier.

Vendor fairness. As a vendor-neutral MSP, RightSourcing gives all qualified, contracted suppliers an equal opportunity to fulfill openings. Unless directed by you, no exclusivity or preferential treatment is afforded to any particular supplier.

Best-in-class technology. We use best-in-class VMS technology to objectively rank candidate profiles against the position criteria, eliminating subjectivity and encouraging supplier responsiveness. RightSourcing ensures all orders are sent to associated suppliers via the VMS at the same time with the same information.

Earned reputation. In our hundreds of implementations, this dedication to vendor fairness has earned RightSourcing a reputation as an exceptional partner and supplier advocate, resulting the strong participation and support of the supplier community.

We firmly believe this commitment to being a vendor-neutral MSP is a key component to our success. Our goal is simple: provide the best available candidate, at the best market rate, in the most efficient, fair and equitable manner — every time.

To learn more about why a vendor-neutral MSP matters for both healthcare organizations and suppliers, contact us.