Leveraging strategic analytics data: market rate intelligence

Strategic analytics continue to drive successful programs nation-wide.  RightSourcing works with 1000+ staffing suppliers in programs across the country processing over $2 Billion in healthcare staffing transactions. Our Strategy, Analytics, and Metrics (SAM) team leverages our strategic analytics data to provide market rates by position title, using this information to achieve program goals. With leadership support, program adoption and compliance, system-wide we consistently achieve 10%+ cost savings/program value to support our client cost reduction initiatives.

RightSourcing’s Strategy, Analytics, and Metrics (SAM) Team

Our strategic analytics team is comprised of professionals with expertise in healthcare analytics, public accounting, audit, compensation and consulting. These experts live and breathe data, allowing program management teams to successfully achieve program goals.  Our rigorous strategic analytics and robust reporting include:

  •  Holistic Evaluation of Contingent Workforce Spend and Practices – Understand how contingent labor is being used and align program goals with organizational initiatives
  •  Cost Containment and Process Evaluation – Recommend, implement, and report on cost savings initiatives that are aligned with finance/procurement definitions, including cross-client/industry benchmarks
  •  Market Intelligence and Rate Guidance – Uncovering factors that impact talent engagement and retention, as well as, monitoring of state and federal legislative updates, local competitors, market rate trends and more
  •  Key Performance Metrics and Analysis – Providing relevant, reliable, and actionable strategic analytics to better understand key business drivers and make informed business decisions impacting patient care
  •  Evaluation of Supplier Performance and Recommendations – Advanced scorecarding practices designed to optimize supplier engagement and program performance
  • Advisory Services – RightSourcing provides a consultative approach to human capital management that facilitates actionable insights across all employee types and enhances health systems’ ability to manage their contingent workforce







Cross Client Strategic Analytics and Market Intelligence

  •  Holistic strategies to generate process efficiencies such as: time-to-fill improvement, candidate quality upgrades, overtime reduction, supplier performance and engagement, expense management, hiring efficiencies, accounting efficiencies, and more
  •  Clinical Data to help drive the most effective forecasting to manage patient census and predict necessary staffing levels to provide exceptional patient care
  •  Recommendations to effectively manage contingent workforce during Electronic Medical Records (EMR)/Electronic Health Records (EHR) Implementations
  •  Contingent Workforce and SOW Analysis to Drive Efficiencies and Cost Containment
  •  Strategic Program Assessments to maximize Cost Savings and Value Initiatives