Contingent labor cost containment

RightSourcing has a 15-year track record of providing contingent labor cost containment for healthcare organizations. We work with thousands of suppliers in programs across the country, processing more than $2 billion in healthcare staffing transactions, so our market rate intelligence ensures you get top quality candidates at fair market prices.

RightSourcing’s fully implemented workforce solutions typically result in contingent labor cost savings of 5-20 percent.


Hard-dollar cost savings include:

  •  Capturing rogue spending and driving market rates for all contract staff
  •  Competitive bidding for each new requisition
  •  Standardization of fees and billings outside of hourly bill rates
  •  Supplier markup/bill rate rationalization
  •  Volume discounts: as the best-performing suppliers are identified, more volume is routed through a smaller group of suppliers, driving cost savings via reaching volume thresholds with associated, pre-negotiated discounts
  •  Converting self-sourced workers to payroll at no cost and a reduced markup
  •  Eliminating staffing vendor billing errors
  •  Reporting and analytics to increase effective use of contract staff
  •  Volume spend rebates on agency spend

Soft cost savings and efficiencies include:

  •  Reduced risk of IRS and DOL assessments, penalties and fines associated with misclassified 1099 contractors and exempt versus non-exempt overtime violations
  •  On- and off-boarding compliance management to minimize risk of penalties or shut-down
  •  Shortened timeframes until a worker is productive
  •  Manager time savings
  •  Cost reductions related to e-time carding and approvals
  •  Cost reductions related to consolidated billing (estimated at $81/invoice/supplier/week)
  •  Cost reduction from outsourcing contract management and administration
  •  Asset recovery savings
  •  Overall process enhancement time savings

RightSourcing proactively tracks contingent labor cost savings and provides written documentation during business reviews. To find out how much you could be saving, contact us for a free workforce analysis.