Do Your Healthcare Workforce Solutions Enhance Employee Satisfaction?

There’s been a growing disquiet in the healthcare industry.  A significant increase in patients coupled with decreased value-based reimbursements and the high costs associated with new technology implementations has led to deep program cuts.  These cuts have significantly affected healthcare employees’ job satisfaction.  In response, many health systems have embraced the need for healthcare workforce solutions that enhance employee satisfaction.

When employee satisfaction is low, employees tend to check out of their jobs.  They do this in a number of ways- by leaving for seemingly greener pastures, or by failing to do their best at work, becoming less attentive, and even calling in sick more.  The good news is that healthcare workforce solutions can address this challenge, reducing employee turnover and burnout.

Using Healthcare Workforce Solutions to Enhance Employee Satisfaction

When employee satisfaction is low in the healthcare industry, patient care is directly impacted.  In other industries, employee satisfaction may only affect how many widgets are produced or sold.  But in healthcare, employee satisfaction could be the intangible element that saves a life. Consider how your health system can use healthcare workforce solutions to enhance employee satisfaction:

  • Reduce burnout with healthcare contingent workers. Much of the lack of employee satisfaction in healthcare is due to understaffing.  Many clinical healthcare workers are feeling the sting of burnout because they lack the adequate number of staff to keep up with rising patient demand.  This has given rise to mandatory overtime, which has often decreased employee satisfaction.  Healthcare workforce solutions can relieve this burnout with the addition of healthcare contingent workers.  By hiring more healthcare contingent workers to support existing staff, mandatory overtime decreases as does a general feeling that employees’ workload is excessive. When existing employees are adequately supported, employee satisfaction increases. Healthcare workforce solutions can ensure the proper level of staffing to increase employee satisfaction.
  • Healthcare workforce solutions can streamline operations. Sometimes, employee satisfaction is low due to frustrations with existing processes and operations.  When processes are redundant, it can be difficult for existing employees to know where to gain support.  Worse, money and time could be wasted on processes that don’t adequately serve staff.  Using healthcare workforce solutions such as a managed services program (MSP), health systems can make processes more efficient.  A healthcare MSP partner can not only streamline operations, but save money as a result. Healthcare MSP’s are skilled experts in healthcare workforce solutions and can centralize fragmented processes, easing employee frustrations. Additionally, money saved on inefficiencies can be reinvested into programs which further enhance employee satisfaction.
  • Improve technology implementations with healthcare workforce solutions. New technology implementations can lead to decreased employee satisfaction.  Often, employees fear changing systems or learning how to use new technology.  Healthcare workforce solutions such as advanced training and implementation guidance can calm fears and ease the transition at health facilities.  This can help increase employee satisfaction.

Health systems are waking up to the reality that as the job market continues to improve, they may lose staff to dissatisfaction.  In order to improve employee satisfaction, many have sought healthcare workforce solutions that work.  RightSourcing is the recognized leader in healthcare workforce solutions.  The premier healthcare MSP, RightSourcing can enhance employee satisfaction while enhancing patient care.  Contact RightSourcing for a free workforce analysis and find out what workforce solutions are a great fit for your health system.

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