Healthcare Workforce Solutions to Ease EHR Implementation Struggles

Recent research has suggested that health systems across the nation are feeling the sting associated with implementing new technology.  This technology, known as electronic healthcare record systems, or EHR’s, is intended to enhance patient care significantly.  The federal government has encouraged the implementation of EHR’s in an effort to facilitate reading patient charts and their immediate accessibility across health systems.  Yet, research groups like Black Book have found that 62% of non-IT staff cites a negative impact on patient care.  90% of nurses surveyed also cited the implementation process has diminished their ability to provide meaningful patient care. The high cost of implementation- from additional IT spend to process changes and diminished jobs- has caused many health systems to feel a severe financial strain.  If your health system is experiencing EHR struggles there is hope.  Meaningful healthcare workforce solutions can help relieve the financial pressure and enhance patient care.

Meaningful Healthcare Workforce Solutions to the Rescue

There have been many complaints about EHR implementations.  Chief among them are diminished budgets, job loss, diminished patient revenue, and negative impacts on patient care.  The good news is healthcare workforce solutions exist to turn these negatives around.  Are you adopting these healthcare workforce solutions:

  • MSP programs. MSP’s, or managed service providers, are one of the smartest healthcare workforce solutions.  They are contingent labor experts with a hands-on approach to optimizing fragmented or broken processes.  When health systems are cared for by an MSP, they can reduce operating costs, labor spend, and gain more insight into areas of rogue spend.  Many health systems are able to recapture as much as 18% of their budget.  When a vendor neutral MSP is utilized, they can expect meaningful healthcare workforce solutions.  This is because they hold no allegiance to one vendor and instead can work with hundreds of vendors to reduce healthcare operating costs and enhance program effectiveness. Their expertise with optimized EHR implementations can be a game changing advantage, reducing wasted time and money on unnecessary resources. As a result, health systems have more money in their budgets to hire the staff necessary to provide meaningful patient care.
  • VMS technology. VMS solutions, or vendor management solutions, can enhance a health system’s transparency into areas of spend.  They can also centralize the contingent labor hiring process, eliminating confusion and redundant efforts.  Hiring managers are able to keep careful track of cost centers, evaluate candidates, and organize compliance documents in one system.  When paired with an MSP, these systems can become powerful assets to making informed business decisions that enhance patient care.
  • Strategic analytics. Strategic analytics are becoming increasingly important to health systems.  Market rate intelligence, emerging workforce trends, and key performance analysis are critical to cost containment, risk mitigation, and process optimization.  Health systems struggling with EHR implementations can benefit from recaptured budgetary spend and advisory services based on strategic analysis.  Healthcare workforce solutions such as strategic analytics provide health systems with benefits that last beyond the implementation of new technology, transforming the way health systems provide patient care.
  • Compliance oversight. Among the many healthcare workforce solutions, compliance oversight is not always an obvious choice.  But when budgets are strained and processes are fragmented, compliance is often the first element to get lost in the shuffle.  This can lead to danger for a health system, threatening their Joint Commission compliance, exposing them to risk such as audits, or even fines and lawsuits.  Compliance oversight is critical to supporting all healthcare workforce solutions and guarding against future negative impacts to health systems.

Many health systems are skeptical about the benefits of EHR implementations. But by adopting new healthcare workforce solutions, the pressures and strains they’ve experienced can be diminished so their staff can focus on providing superior patient care.

If your health system is experiencing EHR implementation struggles, get advice from the experts.  Contact RightSourcing today for a free workforce analysis.  Find out how much you can recapture in your budget and reinvest in patient care.

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