Healthcare Hiring Trends to Watch

The healthcare industry is leading the nation in new job openings.  According to the Bureau of Labor Services (BLS), 486,000 healthcare jobs were added in 2016 to date while other industries were experiencing stagnant job growth.  These figures show no sign of slowing as more jobs are expected to be added in the healthcare sector. In the midst of the healthcare hiring boom, new trends have emerged that will reshape the future of healthcare hiring. Is your finger on the pulse of these hiring trends?

The Pulse of Healthcare Hiring

Healthcare hiring is at a crossroads today, forced to reshape in response to a growing healthcare skills gap and advancements in technology. Healthcare hiring has become more nimble in response. Are you taking advantage of (or incorporating) these strategies to maximize your healthcare hiring today?

  • Partnering with a healthcare MSP. Increasingly, health systems are starting to partner with healthcare– focused MSP’s.  This is because only a healthcare MSP truly understands the healthcare industry’s unique hiring requirements. As health systems increase the number of open jobs, they’re filling them with 41% more contingent labor to evaluate candidates prior to hire.  Using this hiring model, a healthcare MSP is an invaluable partner. Particularly when the healthcare MSP is vendor neutral, they can offer access to thousands of healthcare specific suppliers across the nation.  This ensures increased access to talented healthcare contingent workers and better fill rates than using a handful of suppliers alone or a primary or technology- focused MSP. When vendor neutrality is embraced by a healthcare MSP, health systems receive an even bigger benefit.  They’re able to use their own suppliers in addition to others, receiving more top healthcare contingent worker candidates at competitive rates.
  • VMS solutions. Vendor management system (VMS) solutions have become very popular with healthcare entities.  This is because they offer transparency in the healthcare hiring process.  Suppliers and hiring managers can log in with requisitions and candidate submissions, talk to one another and upload relevant documentation.  A candidate’s file is easily viewable and their healthcare compliance documents are available in one centralized place. This works to make the healthcare hiring process more efficient.
  • Strategic analytics and market rate intelligence. Health systems have begun to embrace strategic analytics as critical to obtaining the right talent at a fair market rate.  In the old days, hiring managers often obtained candidates from suppliers at the quoted rate, afraid that if they didn’t pay crisis rates or higher fees, they may lose access to top talent.  Today, health systems use strategic analytics to inform their healthcare hiring on market rates, saving significant amounts in the process.
  • Mobile recruiting. As technology continues to improve, so too does healthcare hiring.  Billions of people across the globe now have access to smart phones and smart devices.  They have become so ingrained in our daily lives that they now also are being used in the hiring process.  Mobile recruiting is one of the top trends in the industry today as more software vendors seek to integrate mobile apps with their cloud based systems.  This trend will continue to grow and change to enhance the user’s experience. Healthcare hiring is moving towards a mobile experience by integrating with existing VMS software, enhancing hiring managers’ ability to obtain top talent from anywhere.
  • Outsourcing on-boarding and training. Health systems are starting to find more value in outsourcing their on-boarding and training.  By outsourcing these functions, candidates are able to hit the ground running on their first day, aware of a health facility’s specific training requirements. This saves hiring managers time and money in the healthcare hiring process.

The healthcare industry is continuing to grow and change in the way they obtain talent.  As technology and service continues to evolve, so too does healthcare hiring.  For great ideas on how to transform your healthcare hiring process, contact RightSourcing today for a free workforce analysis.



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