[Events] Takeaways from AONE 2018

RightSourcing recently attended the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) 2018 Conference in Indianapolis. The annual conference is one of the premier collaboration and education events for nurse leaders across the nation.

AONE President Bob Dent officially kicked off the event with an engaging overview and talked about exciting things in the works, such as the AONE fellowship and the creation of a corporate advisory council.

AONE Sessions: From Creating Moments to Disruptive Innovation

Friday morning’s keynote speaker, Chip Heath, discussed his book, “The Power of Moments.” This speech highlighted the extraordinary impact certain experiences or moments can have on individuals. While breaking down the elements of these moments and detailing what makes these moments “stick”, a parallel could be drawn to nurse leaders. Not only do nurse executives create these moments for patients, but for each other as well.

Nurse leaders at Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) led a session titled “Not Just Tinkering Around the Edges: Disruptive Innovation.” This session highlighted some amazing work being done in reinventing care delivery models. The Virtually Innovative Care (VIC) model incorporates a virtual RN into the care delivery team who can be in the patient’s room via a two-way camera. In some instances, this innovative approach allows paramedics to be part of the care delivery team. The model has shown success especially in rural areas where recruiting RN’s poses challenges.
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The remote RN provides patient education, answers family questions and delivers many other care delivery necessities. An on-the-ground care team provides tactile functions such as medication administration, blood draws and IV starts/maintenance. Expect to see great things in the future rooted in this innovative model.

Issues in the Workplace

Another valuable session centered on such topics as workplace violence, incivility and bullying. Nurse leaders discussed unit education and proactive in-servicing as innovative solutions. One of the Emergency Department Directors from a California facility detailed how they have created a separate emergency department for the at-risk population. In doing so, they are able to provide additional security in an effort to reduce violence that staff are subjected to – while keeping other patients safe from acts of violence.

Also in this session, there was a great discussion on nurse residency programs, and the proactive initiatives that are in place focusing on retention and longer orientation periods for hard to fill areas, such as long-term care.

RightSourcing Team at AONE

The RightSourcing Team at AONE: (Left to Right) John Hunter, Garett Jensen, Ellen Kuhnert, Steven Endsley and Hunter Hawley


These were just a few of the highlights from the AONE 2018 Conference. As a proud sponsor of the conference, RightSourcing is the largest purely vendor-neutral Managed Service Provider (MSP) for the healthcare industry. We work with nurse leaders at some of the nation’s largest hospitals and health systems to deliver workforce solutions that improve worker quality, mitigate risks and reduce costs.

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