[Case Study] Visibility and Actionable Insights Empower Midwest Children’s Hospital to Drive Cost Savings

Leveraging Analytics to Optimize Spend and Improve Efficiency

A recent survey by the Healthcare Executive Group ranked the need to leverage data analytics to drive population health and clinical decision-making as the number one challenge for healthcare leaders in 2018.

With RightSourcing engaged as the exclusive Managed Services Provider (MSP), we partnered with a major client on a recent cost-containment initiative leveraging data analytics. The RightSourcing team traveled on-site to meet with the facility CFO and senior leadership at a Midwest Children’s Hospital regarding contingent labor spend management.

Prior to implementing changes to the workforce, the client required visibility into actual utilization, spend trends, overtime pay, and variance analysis including year-over-year fluctuations.

Our latest case study, “Leveraging Analytics to Optimize Spend and Improve Efficiency,” highlights the results this initiative achieved through:

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