Case Study: RightSourcing Saves $3.5M on SOW Project

Many health systems approach statement of work (SOW) project work on a piecemeal basis.  This can include technology upgrades, EHR implementations, and more.  Often, SOW project work is not included in their managed services programs.  Instead, many health systems still rely on hiring managers to manage these programs, with varying levels of success.  However, this could run the risk of misalignment with the health system’s goals such as cost containment, increased transparency, increased efficiency, and improved compliance.  Out of alignment projects could find they fail and are quickly abandoned by the health system.  Enhance SOW project success by learning how expert guidance of a trusted managed service provider partner can positively impact your project.

Improve Your SOW Project Work with a Managed Service Provider


In our new case study, find out how one health system was able to save $3.5 Million over the life of the project by including the SOW project in RightSourcing’s managed services program.  Benefits realized included cost savings and improved compliance as a result of the leadership and careful attention to detail on the part of RightSourcing’s on-site program management team.

If you’re similarly interested in saving money and  improving compliance in  your SOW project work, contact RightSourcing for a free workforce analysis.  Find out what benefits your health system can gain with the guidance of a trusted managed service provider.

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