[White Paper] Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Contingent Workforce Management

Learn About the Most Promising Areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as They Apply to Contingent Workforce Management

Artificial Intelligence is a broad topic with wide-reaching implications for organizations and their business processes. As it relates specifically to contingent workforce management, however, the following four areas stand out as having particularly intriguing applications:

  • Adaptive Job Assessments
  • Social and Behavioral Data Mining
  • Embedded Intelligence
  • Augmented Reality

The increased integration of AI into existing technologies is poised to unlock a wealth of
exciting opportunities for leading healthcare organizations. By analyzing data sets and performing automated work “behind the scenes,” AI promises to not only enable faster decision-making, but also to free up valuable resources so managers and business leaders can spend more time on creative thinking and strategic planning.

Combined with human expertise, this augmented intelligence will help healthcare systems drive cost savings, increase talent quality and improve the effectiveness of their contingent workforce programs. RightSourcing is on the front lines of this technological revolution, providing the tools and expertise needed to help organizations use AI to their advantage and drive unprecedented business results.

RightSourcing’s approach to AI is best described as “augmented intelligence” — combining cutting-edge technology with human expertise to drive optimal results. Rather than merely replicating human expertise, augmented intelligence systems help enhance and scale it. Put another way, humans plus tech will always beat humans or technology by themselves.

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Artificial Intelligence White Paper

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