[White Paper] 5 Contingent Workforce Management Trends for 2019

5 Contingent Workforce Management Trends for 2019

Accelerate Your Program Success by Increasing Your Understanding of the Leading Trends Impacting Contingent Workforce Management

The contingent workforce has shown steady growth over the last decade, and that trend shows no signs of slowing: 83 percent of business leaders expect the number of contractors they engage in 2020 to increase or stay the same. However, challenges in managing this workforce remain: Only 29 percent of respondents said their organizations track these ecosystem workers’ compliance with work contracts, and only 32 percent track their quality of work.

Our latest white paper delves into 5 areas of contingent workforce management that will shape 2019, including:

  • AI and its Impact in Contingent Labor Sourcing and Hiring
  • Emerging Tech and Tight Labor Markets Push Managers Further into the Spotlight
  • Leading Healthcare Organizations Expand Their Self-Sourcing Efforts
  • The Omnichannel User Experience Moves to the Forefront
  • Global Uncertainty and Opportunity Surrounding Brexit

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2019 Contingent Workforce Trends White Paper

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