[White Paper] 5 Contingent Workforce Management Trends for 2018

Prepare for Success in the Year Ahead by Deepening Your Understanding of These Key 2018 Contingent Workforce Management Trends

As the contingent workforce continues growing, the industry keeps advancing at a rapid pace, making the need to identify contingent workforce management trends imperative. Workforce management technologies, for example, are evolving to help users become more efficient, source talent more effectively, and easily onboard and offboard workers.

New technologies also mean new ways of connecting job candidates and healthcare
organizations. In this landscape, regulations are constantly changing, making compliance more
challenging, risk greater and the need to partner with an expert such as RightSourcing imperative.
This white paper examines the following workforce management trends to focus on in 2018:

  • AI Offers New Perspectives on Contingent Workforce Management
  • Total Talent Management Reaches a Tipping Point
  • More Organizations Use Self-Sourcing as an Alternate Channel to Boost Savings and Talent
  • VMS Technology Helps Transform SOW Management, Making it More Efficient
  • Regulations Become Increasingly Complex

White Paper: 5 Contingent Workforce Management Trends for 2018

2018 Contingent Workforce Trends White Paper

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